“...the time is right
for it and we need a
lot more consumers,
British manufacturers
and British brands...”
Wayne Hemingway
Non-Executive Director, Best of Britannia
“...There are so many
top quality British made
products out there...”
Antony Wallis
Co-Founder, Best of Britannia

About THE Buy British Day EVENTS


BUY BRITISH DAY in KINGS CROSS LONDON- For Buy British Day 2016, Best of Britannia is once again teaming up with Wayne Hemingway to present an opportunity for a selected number of BOB brands to take part and target 12000+ visitors.Taking place in London’s Kings Cross the event will flow up from Kings Cross and St Pancras Square and into Granary Square, in front of the magnificently restored Victorian warehouse buildings which now houses Central St Martin’s School of Art & Design. The BOB pop-up will be located here as part of the Classic Car Boot Sale event and represents a great opportunity for brands wishing to target our discerning consumer.This year though we are linking our main BOB London event by shuttle bus from Holborn to Kings Cross to take ticket-holders seamlessly from one event to the other. BRANDS EXHIBITING - To be announced.

Kings Cross London - opening hours (10am-6pm)

BUY BRITISH DAY in HOLBORN LONDON - Taking place during Best of Britannia London 2016, BOB's main event of the year. The BOB team are delighted to be once again breathing life into a unique event space, Victoria House in Southampton Row, located just a few minute’s walk from Holborn Station and very close to the consumer weekend hotspots of Covent Garden and just ten minutes walk from Euston/Kings Cross. Buy British Day represents a fantastic opportunity for brand awareness and direct retail sales to a discerning BOB audience. Buy British Day will provide a focus for a carefully selected number of brands. BRANDS EXHIBITING - To be announced.

Holborn London - opening hours (10am-6pm)


Best of British

Modern designs in a robust, traditional quality Cherchbi draws inspiration from Britain’s creative, cultural and manufacturing heritage.
Joseph Cheaney
Joseph Cheaney and Sons have been making traditional English shoes in Northamptonshire, England since 1886.
Owen Barry
Owen Barry have been producing sheepskin and leather products from their traditional workshops in Street, Somerset since 1948.
Yull is one of the only independent shoe
brands manufacturing high heels in Britain.

Why Buy British?

Our third Buy British Day will be held on Saturday October 1st 2016. We are determined to focus consumer attention on the provenance and quality of the huge range of amazing products Britain still produces.

Ironically the stamp Made in Britain has long been seen as a badge of quality overseas but less so at home. Buy British Day has been launched to try and change that.

The BOB team firmly believe that the provenance of what we buy is increasingly important to the UK as well as to the international consumer. When attending BOB, the quality of each item produced is clear, whether it has been created lovingly by hand or in the oldest running factory in the world. Menswear blogger The Grey Fox recently wrote, “In writing about British menswear brands for some years, I’ve come to realise that there is a common thread to them all. They all have fascinating stories to tell; stories about how they started, about their craftsmen and women, their suppliers or the raw materials they use. While my main interest is menswear, the idea of using a story to sell your products is easily transferrable to any industry and product.

You’re a small British brand making leather bags by hand. You started the business five years ago. You had no experience of leather work, but you attended evening classes and talked to a local worker you know. You ran up a few bags for the use of your family. Friends spotted them and wanted bags too; so you made a few for them. It occurred to you to see if you could sell a few at a local craft market. They sold well, so you returned next week. More recently you opened a shop on Etsy and as this did so well you started your own website which now sells almost more than you can make. So, you’ve employed someone to help you and are considering outsourcing more work. A household name has come knocking, thinking about selling your products in its London store…

This may not be every story; but it has elements many brands attending >Best of Britannia will recognise. It’s a good story with many interesting features, the early struggles of the entrepreneur, crafts skills being acquired, the business growing well. There are elements that describe your workers’ skills, the tools and the raw materials you use – the leather, wool or wood, the hammers, chisels and beautifully-engineered machinery”

These are the reasons that we urge you to Buy British – not just on Buy British Day but all year round – the British economy and indeed the British psyche is depending upon it.